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Spice Cabinets

Various sized displays with variable shelf locations
ZIPdisplayCabinets flexible design gives you styles and options


clip-shelf-top-of-cabinet "You do the ZIP" Move shelves
to accommodate heights of your
items - Turn screw to lock in place

Number of shelves can vary to
meet your requirements

zipcabslogoMADE IN USA

Scroll down to  Gallery to see
various size and configurations


Have us produce a spice
cabinets made to your dimensions


Storage Rack
Curio Cabinet Case
Cabinet with Doors:

Height: From 14 to 36"
Widths: 12", to 30"
Depths:  3", 4", 5" or 6"
Adjustable Shelves: From one to twelve 

Hundreds of sizes possible!

The cabinetmakers at ZIPcabs have made it easy to choose from the options offered  

most-pricedMany Standard units are available. Please determine if one meets your needs. While these are standard configurations for popular items, most of our production is specifically made to our customers specifications.

You can order a unit customized for your items - without paying a custom price. How many sizes do we make? The possibilities are almost endless.
A few choices: Have a ZIPcab configured to fit your space and display requirements:
Styles: Cabinet, Rack, Curio Case, Cabinet with door[s]
Height: From 14" to 36" in  1/4" increments.
Widths: 12", 15", 18", 21", 24", 27", and 30"
Depths: 3", 4", 5", or 6". Up to 12 adjustable shelves may be ordered for the tallest (36") unit.
When you are ready to submit your request for a no-obligation quote: Please go to Quote Form  OR  Contact Us

Spice Cabinet Comes With or Without Doors

ZIPcabs are space saving cabinets that gives you the the flexibility to place shelves in locations determined by you.
Shelves are not in fixed positions. They can be moved to accommodate items of varying heights.  
You move shelf to desired location and then lock in place.

Since 2000 we have been making custom spice cabinets that can be mounted on the wall, set on kitchen counters, mounted on cupboard doors and are adaptable For mounting on pantry doors. In the last few years spice companies have introduced many different sizes of spice containers that do not fit in the older spice cabinet configurations. If you have larger spice bottles from McCormick or COSTCO consider a custom spice cabinet that can be sized to accommodate the different heights and depths of these spice containers.So, you have a ton of spices, all different shapes, containers, jars, bottles, extracts and no space? This is the ideal solution.

Spice Cabinets Have No Fixed Shelf Locations

ZIPcabs specializes in custom made, affordable, wood spice cabinets for every possible kitchen spot, need,  and chef.

A custom sized spice cabinet allows you to store your spices in one area of your kitchen or pantry where they are visible and easy to reach. When wall space is all taken, consider a door mounted spice cabinet that easily attaches to the back of the pantry door so that it's out of sight most of the time, but easy to find when you need something.

ZIPcabs Flexible Design gives you a way to easily personalize a product and have it manufactured and shipped to you from our shop. You can achieve the perfect fit for your space. Have us customize a spice cabinet or spice rack the dimensions you require to display a few spice bottles or a large assortment of spices.          

ZIPcabs shelves are not in fixed locations

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Featured items - Save up to 25%

Spice up the kitchen with a ZIPcab spice cabinet or spice racks

Many configurations possible!
Do you need a small, medium or large spice rack or spice cabinet?
  One size does not fit all!
        Spices - Many or Few?
  Spice unit -Large Or Small?
         We make them all!

We will configure your unit the dimensions you require.
Height (up to 36"),

Width (up to 30"),
Depth [3, 4, 5, or 6")
Adjustable shelves (up to 12 EA)

Custom Spice Cabinet Options - Wall-Hung or Countertop Units

These pictures were sent in by our customers to show the final configuration of their spice cabinets.


Shown below is a representative selection from the various sizes of Custom Spice Cabinet that our customers have ordered.


Small Wood Spice Cabinet
19" High - 30" Wide
3" deep
On the Counter
Standard item
Special Price
More Spice cabinets
Tall and narrow

36 High - 24" Wide 
3" deep
Standard item
More Spice cabinets
Tall and narrow

36" High - 18" Wide
3" deep
Standard item
 Spices & Sauces  Counter Top

 More Spice cabinets Tall and narrow

 More Spice cabinets Tall and narrow
Our largest Spice Cabinet
Tall and wide

36" High - 30" Wide 3" deep
Modified to customers requirements

More Spice Cabinets
Five adjustable shelves

32" High - 24" Wide 3" deep
Standard item

More Spice Cabinets
Five adjustable shelves

32" High - 30" Wide 4" deep

Modified to customers requirements
Special Price
 Our largest Spice Cabinet Tall and wide

 More Spice Cabinets Five adjustable shelves

More Spice Cabinets Five adjustable shelves
Standard sized
3" Deep cabinets

27" High - 21" Wide
Standard item

Small wood spice rack cabinet style  Style 4" deep

Modified to customers requirements
27" High - 30" Wide
4" deep
Special Price

Larger cabinets 5 and 6" Deep
Modified to customers requirements
16 1/4" High - 21" Wide
5" deep
 Standard sized 3" Deep cabinets Spice Cabinet for Larger Bottles   Spice Cabinet Counter
32" High - 21" Wide
3" deep
Modified to customers requirements
32" High - 24" Wide
4" deep
36" High - 24" Wide
5" deep
Penzeys Spices Display Cabinet  Spice Cabinet   Tupperware Containers Spice Display Cabinet
36" High - 27" Wide 3" deep
Standard item
36" High - 30" Wide
4" deep
Modified to customers requirements
Special Price
36" High - 30" Wide
5" deep
Modified to customers requirements
Special Price

 Large Spice Cabinet  Spice Cabinet  kitchen-spice-cabinet
36" High - 30" Wide
3" deep
Standard item
40" High - 24" Wide
4" deep

36" High - 30" Wide
6" deep
 Our Largest Spice Cabinet  Large Spice Cabinet Large Deep Spice Cabinet 
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Display cabinets, curio cases and storage racks are designed for many types of collections and uses as shown below.
Please visit one or more of the Galleries --
Follow links below to view photos of representative sizes and configurations that we've created for our many satisfied customers